*You must reserve table via wineguru.com.sg to enjoy this offer

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My favourite Sichuan restaurant in Singapore is Silk Road.

I have patronized it for more than a decade.

And visit regularly.

Next week – Wednesday 16 December 2020 – wineguru.com.sg has secured a special arrangement with Silk Road.

When you make a reservation through us – for lunch or dinner – each person on your table will be entitled to bring a bottle of wine with FREE CORKAGE

Myself will be rounding up four friends to make a table of 5.

We will each bring a bottle which will not be charged any corkage.

Tables will, of course, be socially distanced.

We are not allowed to mingle either.

But, we can wave to each other from our socially distanced tables.

We hope you will join us to support Silk Road.

And enjoy FREE CORKAGE for your bottle.

Looking very much forward to seeing you on Wednesday 16 December 2020.


Poh Tiong


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