Under current Phase III regulations, we are allowed a maximum 50 participants on Saturday 27 November 2021. We hope this will be lifted so more wine lovers can take part come November. Until then, we have to cap the number at 50.

Masterclass will be conducted in English

This year 2021  is the 70th Anniversary of Penfolds Grange 1951, the first experimental vintage of Australia’s “First Growth”.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Penfolds Chief Winemaker Peter Gago has selected 8 of the greatest vintages spanning 4 decades.

This event is unprecedented in Singapore.

Peter Gago was at our inaugural ICCCW 2008.

That first International Congress of Chinese Cuisine & Wine was held at Shangri-La’s China World Hotel Beijing.

There were two wine vertical tastings at ICCCW 2008.

Penfolds Grange with Peter Gago and Chateau Margaux with Paul Pontallier (1956 – 2016). 


Terms & Conditions

  1. Participant must offer proof he/she has been vaccinated against COVID-19 no later than 1 November 2021. There is no refund if the participant fails to do so.
  2. Participant who has COVID-19 symptoms or has contact with people who has tested positive for COVID-19 or is known to be subject to a quarantine order or stay-home notice will not be allowed to attend the Masterclass Workshops.
  3. Participant must be screened for COVID-19 symptoms (under 37.4 degree Celsius) before entering the event venue.
  4. In the event the participant is not allowed to enter the event venue due to the violation of health regulation from the Singapore Government or fail to pass the temperature screen test (after three temperature readings, or any COVID-19 test that is required by the venue provider), no refund will be arranged.
  5. In the event the speakers are not able to visit Singapore because of COVID-19 restrictions, the masterclass/es will be conducted virtually via a screen at Tudor Ballroom, Goodwood Park Hotel.
  6. The Organiser reserves the right to reschedule the event under the regulation of the Singapore Government and advice from the venue provider.
  7. The Organiser reserves the final right to amend the Terms & Conditions.
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