Fenjiu 30 Years S$280.00 S$265.00NETT

Fenjiu 20 Years

658 Reviews


Free Delivery* to one Singapore address

(Sentosa included)

Order will be delivered within 4 working days (Monday to Friday, except public holidays)

For urgent delivery, please email [email protected]

*Should the recipient not be home at the agreed date of delivery, S$20 nett will be charged for a second delivery


You may also bring the receipt and pick up the wines at:

Fenjiu Flagship Store
260 South Bridge Road
Singapore 058809
Monday to Sunday (Opens also on public holidays)
11am to 7pm 

*Baijiu will be ready for collection 2 working days after order is placed
*Baijiu must be collected within 10 days after order has been placed


Check details of this baijiu here.

S$180.00 S$170.00NETT

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658 reviews for Fenjiu 20 Years

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