This Singapore must-have originates from ShundeGuangdong, where fine slivers of raw fish are dipped or mixed with a sauce that can include peanut oil, ginger and shallot. The Shunde Yusheng is savoury, not sweet. The best Shunde Yusheng I have tasted is in Bing Sheng Restaurant, Guangzhou. I know of only one restaurant in Singapore that offers it but it has to be ordered in advance. This is Imperial Treasure. In Singapore, Yu Sheng evolved into something quite different and sweet. Great pairings are Moscato d’Asti, Sparkling (medium-sweet) Prosecco, Apple Cider, Shaoxing rice wine, Japanese Sake, medium-sweet Riesling and, perhaps the best of all, a Demi-Sec Champagne. Huat Ah!!

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